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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Skepta and Diddy

For those who don't know the story on how these 2 artists have hooked up and made history on the biggest UK/USA collab of 2010 its all thanks to Twitter,

Diddy started off by tweeting he was going to soon be signing his first UK based rapper to Bad Boy Records tweeting ''bout 2 sign my 1st rapper from London. I can’t tell u who it is-but Ive wanted to sign an artist from the UK my whole life-LONDON STANDUP!!” rumours went around it was the come up star of 2010 Tinie Tempah, It still actually hasn't been confirmed but then Diddy wanted to do a GRIME Remix of his latest single 'Hello Good Morning' so tweeted

''Hey london I want to do a grime remix of hello good mornin! Who should do it?''

Grime artist Skepta’s fellow Boy Better Know member and younger brother JME immediately took up the cause and asked his 17,000+ followers to suggest Skeppy and it did the trick as Diddy later went on to tweet -

“@Skepta the people said we should talk. Dm me a contact! Let’s gooooooo!!!”

Diddy followed this up by proclaiming his long standing love for the UK genre (GRIME) tweeting -

“4 the record I’ve always been a fan of grime I remember the 1st time I heard it! Blew my mind. This is the 1st song I had that it could work.”

And of course it did when it first previewed on Logan Sama's Kiss Radioshow it had thousands of people getting such a huge hype they eventually collaborated and did an official video which most remixes never have, and on the release date of the video it had over 2million hits in 24hrs here is the official video for you to check out and for all you Skepta fans a little interview he recentley gave to MTV about the success and his new Album ''Doin' It Again'' which will be out in the next few months most likely the beginning of 2011.


He told us: “More work, a lot more work. Not so many lie-ins! I get recognised more and you start to hear your songs in different places. I heard ‘Rescue Me’ in McDonald’s the other day!

"That’s how it goes, now that I’ve transferred my sound. Now I know that my music is getting played in these places, I’m just trying to just go hard and I just want to show people the musical side of me.”

Skepta has come a long way from the days of DJing and MCing at underground radio stations such as Rinse FM with his fellow friends in grime, and now he’s taking on the mainstream.

For Joseph Junior Adenuga, joining rap mogul P Diddy onstage for MTV Crashes Glasgow recently has been the greatest moment of his career so far:

“My biggest achievement to date is being onstage with P Diddy in Glasgow – 29th September 2010. I’ll never forget that day, because I always think if somebody had told me that I was gonna do that, I don’t know, like 5 years ago, I would have sworn blind that it would never happen.

"I can’t imagine what it looks like from the outside, but for me, it’s definitely like the biggest thing.”

With new single Cross My Heart, which is due for release October 17, Skepta looks back to his grime roots with his style, flow and production, but will fans take to it like they done his last hit?

“I’m not sure man, because we never try to say numbers or how well something is gonna do, but I feel like it’s a Skepta track. It’s a big chorus with Skepta lyrics on it and a banging beat, which is what ‘Rescue Me’ was. So I hope that the listeners and the mainstream take to it and listen to it and hopefully understand grime.”
With new album Doin' It Again due for release early next year, Skepta feels that this CD will let fans into his world and hopefully they’ll be able to understand the north London-born MC that much better:

“People are gonna know me when my album comes out. When they listen to it they're gonna understand me. They're gonna feel what I feel. I feel like I’ve poured my heart out onto that CD.

"I’ve spoken about things that other artists don’t really speak about. Don’t you ever feel like you listen to someone and you don’t know them? I think I’ve said so much on my album that I don’t need to do interviews anymore because people that wanna know anything can just listen to the album.

"Obviously stuff like how I open a banana might not be explained, but you can listen to it and really understand how I think. I’m just like an everyday human being; I’m not one of them ‘mivas’ – that’s a man-diva, for the record.

"I’m not a diva; I’m just a cool everyday person. I want you to understand what it’s like if you were me and I just poured it out onto the CD.”

Heres another recent single he released which will be on the Doin it again album featuring former Eastenders actress Preeya Kalidas 'Cross My Heart'

Finally here is a link to an exclusive DJ SNIPER Mix Cd which features both these tracks plus many more Grime, Dubstep, Hip-Hop -