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Thursday, 18 November 2010


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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Jail!! Lil Wayne - OUT!........T.I - BACK IN!

After eight months, a dozen-odd posts on his blog and two guards being penalized for hanging out with him, Lil Wayne was released from Rikers Island Thursday 4th Novemeber, The beginning of his sentence was delayed twice, once so that he could undergo dental surgery, and then because of a fire at the New York courthouse where he was to be sentenced. The rapper finally began his term on March 8, after pleading guilty to a July 2007 gun-possession charge.

Young Money President Mack Maine told MTV News that Wayne planned to celebrate his freedom with a party at a Miami strip club. saying "We just treat him like a king, like the royalty that he is and make him feel like we really missed him and welcome him back to the family, basically."

Lil Waynes first performance was at fellow Young Money member Drake's Las Vegas Show where he apparently got into beef with Drake over not seeing him whilst he was locked down and it ended with him punching Drake in the face, they then had to put on a united front as they went on stage, lets see how this beef pans out over the next few weeks

heres a live recording of that show

If they really are beefing lets hope they sort it ASAP as they are both too talented and work so good together

So whilst on talk of prison and releases, you will know T.I was freed only about 6months ago, Well as of 1st Nov he is back inside serving ANOTHER year due to violation of his probation, he firstly got sent to prison on Gun charges and after been released it was part of the probabtion he couldn't commit other crimes or break any US Laws but he was then caught with his wife Tameka 'Tiny' Cottle and they were both in possession of drugs when police found Ecstasy, Tameeka has pleaded not guilty and will be back in Jan 2011 for the court case hearing, it is rumoured she too could face jail time which is very unfortunate as they have kids that will be left with no parents if this happens,

a week before the final court hearing T.I. had been praised for his heroismafter saving a suicidal man from jumping off a bridge and talking him down ultimatley saving his life,

T.I. had pleaded with U.S. District Judge Charles Pannell Jr. to send him to rehab instead for the charges, claiming he had addictions to drugs that he would like to beat instead of just being sent away but the judge sentenced him to 11 months in prison still.

T.I's lawyer, Dwight Thomas, said "Of course we're disappointed in the sentencing. At the same time, it's far less than what the government asked for…"

He added: "Of course he's disappointed. This is not what he expected; this is not what he wants in his life at this point."

Reports also suggest that T.I may not be able to release his new album, King Uncaged, by the end of 2010 as planned, as a result of his new jail term, this has yet to be confirmed. Lets hope when T.I comes out next year he will have successfully learnt to control his drug addictions and put himself on th right path as a man lucky enough to be in his situation should be keeping on with the posotive movements instead of constantly getting dragged down and wasting his life locked up.