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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

''It's Kat Stacks....BITCH!!!'' Been Deported (*bye*)

Well you should all know of Kat Stacks by now, if you don't where have you been?!!? This has to be the biggest music industry hoe to date! Exposing the likes of Young Money Memeber including Lil Wayne, Nelly, Bow wow, Soulja Boy AKA Stupid boy swag LOL (who she filmed snorting coke in a hotel room whilst he was asleep and according to her legendary twitter rants as apparently gotten her pregnant, yet to be confirmed) She is currently on contract with the popular site 'world star hip-hop' as her videos get everyone talkin and watching and who can blame them when she goes to such lengths as getting naked, as mentioned videoing soulja boy, bitching about other rappers, and theres even ones of people setting their goons to attack her, the most recent and wildest one she exposed her p*ssy after a fake photo went around apparentley of her p*ssy looking less than healthy shall we say?!

Heres the soulja boy video,

You can see many more videos from Kat stacks check out just type Kat Stacks in the search

This piece from Hip-Hop American Magazine VIBE has an interview from one of her previous managers -

''According to Kat's former manager Will Daniels, the stripper-turned-blogger needs to be contained.

“I don’t know how she hasn’t been busted yet because she’s all over the Internet. She’s still on probation for her gun charge,” Daniels tells VIBE. “If she gets caught, she could get deported [to Venezuela] for 10 years.”

Daniels, marketer and owner of celebrity gossip site, began working with Kat a few weeks ago, but their relationship didn’t last long after Kat--who has gone through several managers in a short span, allegedly missed several club appearances at $2,500 per showing and was difficult to manage.

“We were booking her on 10-15 events per month and we were working on getting her on the Dr. Phil Show, a reality TV show, and in [magazines]. We wanted to market her as a personality but for her to miss out on money is ridiculous,” says Daniels. “She’s somebody that just can’t get it together. It’s ridiculous to be like, ‘I’m Kat Stacks and I fuck all these rappers and expose them,’ where’s that gonna take you? That shows me she’s in the same mind frame she was in when she was prostituting.”

Daniels further claims that Kat has a drinking problem, adding that their relationship ended via Twitter when Kat tweeted that Daniels had been fired and that booking and interview requests should be forwarded to @YungMazi (who was not available for comment at press time). Daniels says she called him to apologize days later, blaming it on the alcohol but Daniels was tired of the drama.

“For her to do that was a slap in the face. She doesn’t want to do anything the right way [and] she claims this Yung Mazi guy is beating her up,” says Daniels, adding that she says she has graphic text messages detailing being kicked and stomped to back up her claims.

Daniels also claims that Mazi is affiliated with Fabolous, describing them as "peoples." Both Fab and Bow Wow have denied sending men to attack Kat Stacks. "I don’t know for sure but I think he had something to do with it. He knew where she was going to be,” says Daniels. “These are dangerous people that she’s involved with and I think she’s afraid of them.”

According to Daniels, Stacks’ mom often calls him in search of her daughter, whom she wants to return to Miami safely and to take care of her son.

"Her own friend Jenna Shea [also not available at press time] told me that [Kat] was toxic. She told me to make money off of her and get out,” says Daniels. “I feel bad about the whole situation. I would like to help but you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves.”

Shortly after this interview Kat stacks got locked away for immigration issues there is lots of speculation that she is going to be deported back to Venezuela her home country as she has broken some US immigration rules as you know if you commit a crime in the states you are no longer allowed to reside there, and Kat has been busted for Gun posession and Prostitution previously, so she is still in prison awaiting a court date to decide what will happen next, apparently she was shopped in by Club promoters that were pissed off when she didn't turn up to the P.A they booked and paid her for and she wouldn't return their money, the video below shows them explaining all this -

Keep checking back here as I will update you all on what happens next in the drama!